Monday, May 29, 2017

Guatemala 5/27

What a busy & exciting time we've had so far here in Guatemala. I was so tied up in everything that was happening around me, I forgot about wifi completely, (hence my lack of a first day post).
Anyways, our travels were safe & comfortable, as well as our quant hotel, Casa Blanca in Guatemala City, where we rested our heads for the night before heading to San Lucas Tolimán. So much to see on our way to San Lucas Tolimán. Busy streets in the city turned into winding roads into rural area where mountains, volcanoes and fields of coffee sat. Eventutaly through the rural areas and into the city of San Lucas Tolimán, we found our hotel Los Pasados Volcanes where we were greeted by our lovely and friendly hostesses, Marbila and Grís. They love to laugh and are GREAT chefs! Candace's friend Goyo, a local agriculturalist and permaculture expert, gave us a highly informative and interesting presentation about two anchient seeds important to the Mayan culture, Chia & Amaranth. We then made Amaranth bars under his direction, which then turned to granola instead. Haha. Afterword we enjoyed a walk around town to the bakery as well as the lake. Finally, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner made by Marbila and Grís, grilled chicken, avacado, lemonade with Chia seeds Chirmo and toasted tortillas

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