Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Guatemala 5/29

A more traditional Guatemalan breakfast this morning with eggs, black beans and plantains. Also, coffee, of course. After breakfast, on to San Lucas El Mirador where we went with our masons to began our stoves! Formal introductions were made once we arrived in the community as we split off into our groups. We got to work shortly after with a few demonstrations to get us comfortable with the materials. We worked 9-4 with a lunch break where Marbila & Grís served us a lovely lo-mein dish with tortillas of course. Lunch also gave us time to meet and play with kids. Kickball, dancing & talking were popular activities with the kids. What a refresher during our hard and yes hot work. We finished at 4 as we said our goodbyes to the kiddos whom have seemed to already find attachment to us. We reminded them we'll returned tomorrow to work & play! Back in San Lucas Tolmilán after work, we visited Candace's friend Letícia for a tortilla-making workshop, as well as water jug carrying demonstration. Are we feeling Guatemalan yet? Dinner consisted of egg-battered, fried green beans as well as meat & veggie patties and lemonade. The lemonade was almost as sweet as our day spent in San Lucas El Mirador, but I'm not sure it could match the sweetness of the kids and relationships we've started to make in the community. Today was most definitely sweet. 

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