Friday, June 2, 2017

Guatemala 6/1

Started our second set of stoves today and even with lots of rain, we were still able to get a great deal of work done. After work we drove to get icecream in our tarp covered truck, we asked our masons to join us as well. We got to treat them to ice cream to show gratitude for their help all week. Man, did chocolate ice cream hit the spot after having had a chocolate craving for the entirety of the trip. We returned home and watched a documentary on poverty, (Poverty Inc.), ate dinner and yes got Icecream once more...Things are so sweet here, the thought of leaving seems too bittersweet for me to swallow. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Guatemala 5/31

Today was not a day for work, today was a day to see what you could call, the other side of things, compared to San Juan El Mirador and San Juan Tomilán. We visited 3 other areas around Lake Atitlán,
Santiago Atitlán, Panajachel, and San Antonio Palopo. We took a boat to each place and spent a portion of the day there. Each area was very touristy and we shopped around for the day practicing our bartering. One of the girls in our group had a friend from the States, infact she lives in the same town as us, in Guatemala. She's here for the summer working. Her friend joined us to eat lunch in Panajachel at a restaurant called Guajimbo's. The remainder of the day consisted of visiting churches, a ceramic shop, feeding our chocolate craving, and dressing up in traditional Guatemalan women's garbs. After we returned home, we prepared dinner, Chilis Rellenos, with Marbila and Gríz which was filled with lots of laughter as is every interaction with those two. Loving each and every moment here. Can't believe our trip is half over.