Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Guatemala 5/28

Coffee, banana pancakes & sunshine, what a way to start the day! Breakfast was followed by a scenic truck drive with sights of massive mountains & erupting volcanoes to San Lucas El Mirador, where we will be building stoves for families. Today was meant for meeting many new faces, and getting a subtle introduction into the community before we go to work on the stoves. We got to spend time learning all about the various technologies there are when it comes to stoves within the village. This helped us gain a better understanding of the impact we will be making on the families we are building the stoves for. After visiting San Lucas El Mirador, we visited a connection of Candace's, Juan, (a basket weaver). Juan is the only basket weaver in the community, and his kids have no desire to pick up the trade, which classifies it as a dying art in the community. This made our time spent with Juan that much more special. Juan is a very patient & kind man who preaches practice. His wife, Rosaria also told us that the ones who have the passion, will finish with a great basket, wise woman. Afterword back at our hotel, Marbila and GrĂ­s served us traditional Guatemalan soup & salad as well as fried chicken. ¡El mejor pollo en el Mundo! Lots of laughs & reflections to be shared at dinner. San Lucas is treating us well. 

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