Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guatemala 5/30

Day 2 working in the community, and by the end of our work day we all finished our first stove! How satisfying it was to present a finished & efficient stove to our family! All of us were very excited, proud and overall, tired. Of course there was lots of play time with the kids again, which probably added even more exhaustion to each of us. On our way back home from the community, it seemed as though our freak flags had been set to fly as we laughed deliriously in the truck bed with each other and our masons on the other hand laughed at us in our tired and strange behavior rather than alongside us. We returned to Los Posados Volcanes where Candance had invited two of her friends to share their experiences pertaining to immigration. The talk was very informational & inspiring. Towards the end many of us were personally touched. How interesting it was to hear about our own country from another country's perspective. After our talk, we had a swollen tonsils incident from one of our group members, so a doctors visit & medication was the closing to our night. Continue to keep us in your thoughts & prayers so that we are able to fully enjoy the remainder of our trip and fulfill our intention here in Guatemala. Much love from San Lucas Tolim├ín! 

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