Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 8th and 9th 2017

On Wednesday, we went to work on the stoves around our usual time. It was a little hot that day but we were really happy to keep working on the stoves. Our masons trusted us to work all by ourselves which was really exciting. The final round of stoves will be finished on Friday as we will be taking a break on Thursday.
After lunch, Liliane and her mom were teaching Dasia and me how to crochet, I don't know how we did but they were laughing so much, it was so much fun. It is so easy to make connections with people and I notice we don't do that back home. So many people have been nice to us here and offered to show us something, educated us. I have to say every time that happened, it had me thinking if this type of relationship would be possible with others back in the states.
Probably not, people don't make time for the little things. 
At one of the sites, a very old lady saw Eric digging up some dirt for the stove and goes right next to him and lends a hand. But, that is Guatemala. I will say it again, there is much happiness in this small community.  
After work, we got to experience some of the ice cream in San Juan with our masons. It was a great treat after a really hot day. Everyone is excited for tomorrows market day. we are waking up very early and heading to Chichi. Candace has an excursion day planned for us so we can buy some gifts for family and friends. Looking forward to it.  
It is Thursday and we headed to the market in Chichicastenango about 7am. It was crazy! People don't stop hassling you to buy their product. Bumping through a large crowd of people in a tight hot space gets exhausting. It's hard to shun the people selling stuff off you because they trail right on your heels. Everything is beautiful though because it's all mostly hand made products. The culture and people here are amazing. I think we all can say we've really appreciated the hospitality we've received. We have had a busy day filled with shopping, marshmallows, a movie about global poverty and a short discussion. 
It was a full day. We are all exhausted but looking forward to kayaking at 6am in the morning. 
Good night...

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