Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5th 2017

Our day started with an early morning walk with Kathy and Tillie. They took us around to see the market set up before our 8am breakfast. Around 10am, Candace took us to the local market to experience how the locals shop. She then let us walk around in small groups to shop for ourselves which was was amazing! Around lunch, she introduced us to a local basket weaver named Juan who did beautiful work!! He taught us the process of how it's done and of course Katelyn & Beth completely rocked it! We then came back to our hotel and got picked up in the truck to head to San Juan to meet the towns people and the village we will be working in. Walking around we went into peoples homes and saw how different they lived from us Americans. It was heart touching for most of us also a huge eye opening experience. These next few days for all of us will be fulfilling and interesting for everyone as we work on the stove project with Aroldo.

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