Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 4th 2017

Today we started our day with Goyo picking us up and riding Guatamalen style in the back of a truck bed up a mountain to his parcel. Before arriving at his parcel we stopped at a breathtaking spot on the side of the mountain to over look San Lucas, Lake Atitlan and the volcanos. Goyo talked about the myth of the volcanos and how the city started. Once we were done at that spot we continued on to his "Bosque De Comida" or parcel. Being there made us all realize how much work is put into the meals that we eat and don't even appreciate. Goyo had us plant yuca plants, prune coffee plants and pull seeds off the amarymth. After that we took a lovely lunch break brought to us by our host at Posada Los Volcanos. In our group circle we did a meditation and reflection on our day. Clearing a full mind to focus on one small thing can help with stress. Learning so much agriculture from Goyo wasn't enough. Goyo taught us all life lessons and how to appreciate the smaller things and take a step back and think. In so little time, I can say we all felt like we received knowledge and experience from Goyo while we could not give to him, besides our presence. He was a beyond gracious host to all of us. Coming back from the parcel we had a little down time before dinner so we walked around San Lucas looking at the culture and how it runs.

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