Friday, March 18, 2016

RHPC Day 7

We started off our day by visiting the school built by our church in San Gregorio. There were 3 different classrooms in use each filled with kids and they loved having us visit. We also got a chance to see the church being built there as well before heading off to work

Sadly in was our last day in Tierra Santa but we made it a good one! We all got to work shortly after arriving and were able to finish almost all of the stove before lunch. After lunch we played with the kids and made bracelets out of duck tape which they all really liked. We then went back to work and finished our second stove! All groups finished totalling 10 stoves made for the trip!

After work we had the closing ceremony with the town. There was a lot of dancing and we all had a chance to exchange gifts with the families we had made the stoves for. It was a very special time that was well put together by the community and we all shared a snack for the end. We also had a change to give gifts to the masons we worked with which included a royals tshirt and a baseball cap. Our day was finished off by some beautiful singing by marbilla before dinner

Although we were sad it was the last day we made it a really good one!

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