Wednesday, March 16, 2016

RHPC Day 5

Today was the boat trip! After breakfast we walked down to the lake where we hopped on the boat and took a 30 min ride to our first town, San Juan la Laguna. In San Juan we stopped in a store where we learned about the use of natural dyes in the their products. They also taught us how they go about making their chocolate and we got a taste. Everyone then visited a handful of stores where we got a chance to shop.

We then moved on to the next city Panajachel. Our first objective was lunch. The restaurant we ate in gave us the largest plates we had ever seen. They were so huge! We then got a large portion of time to walk the main street and shop so more. Everyone got some cool and unique items from many different stores.

Our last stop was San Antonio Palopo. Here we went to another store where they taught us about pedal looming. They also dressed Katie and Molly in traditional clothing which was very fun. Then we walked to the church on the top of the hill and we're treated to some great views. On our way down the hill we stopped in a ceramic shop and saw some beautiful pottery.

To finish of the day we helped Marbilla make our dinner. Overall a very eventful fun day!

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