Tuesday, March 15, 2016

RHPC Day 3

Today was our first full day working on the stoves. When we arrived in Tierra Santa we all split into our groups and quickly got to work. The stoves are constructed layer by layer and all of the groups were able to construct all 4 layers! Some groups even moved on with other parts of the stove moving closer to a finished product. Although we worked hard all day we did find some time to play soccer with the kids after lunch. Can't wait to go back tomorrow!

For our night activity we went to the house of one of the masons we are working with, Santiago, where his wife, Leticia, taught us how to make corn tortillas, a food staple here in Guatemala. None of our tortillas were as good as Leticia's but it was a fun experience. We also learned all about the technology of the stoves we are building and just how efficient they are. It's great to see just how big of an impact this one appliance is making on the families!

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