Saturday, March 12, 2016


We arrived safely in Guatemala yesterday to open arms from the Posada de Volacanes staff. Everyone was very tired after a long day of traveling so it wasn't hard for us to fall asleep quickly after dinner.

This morning we traveled to Tierra Santa where our plans quickly shifted to go experience the festivities of water day where the town celebrates the first day they got water from the  mountain. After a very bumpy ride and walk up the mountain we were treated to beautiful views and  music from the celebration. Although it was not part of our original plans this activity turned out to be a very fun and big part of our day.

We then traveled back down the mountain for lunch. After lunch we began the stove building process. Everyone was split into groups of 2 and each group was assigned a house. We cut some cinder blocks and sifted some sand so we could be ready for the building to begin on Monday. We can't wait for that but tomorrow is a day of rest where we have some other fun things planned!


  1. Love the smiling faces & wonderful scenery! ♡

  2. Love the smiling faces & wonderful scenery! ♡