Friday, January 10, 2014

My point of view !

One final reflection from our latest group of travelers from Onondaga Community College, this time from Fatima Osmanovic.

Jan 6 2014 
My point of view !
Today was a quite busy day. Hearty breakfast with multiple cups of coffee became quite the norm while at Guatemala. Today, we as a group went to San Jose , the community in which we built stoves few days back. We had a chance to give our masons small gifts and also receive gifts from women in the community. I always knew, just by their hospitality and beauty of their souls that they would give us a small gift as a sign of appreciation, and they did. Each and every one of us got a traditional bag with a head-wrap like cloth, besides Hans, he got a scarf :) ! We also went to the homes where we have built the stoves to see them. It was pure delight and joy at the same time, it was one of the most enjoyable activities that  I have done in Guatemala.

After lunch we were headed to Antigua ! Oh what a beautiful place this was. It was very very touristy like, with plenty of things to see and also eat :) ! Antigua compared to Toliman was completely different, as we expected it to be. This place was full of attractions like the park, the coco museum, the chapels and the long walk to the arch & also very commercialized markets, for those that like to shop a bit.  Our tour guide Candace, provided us with very good map of Antigua, in order for us to get to where we would like to, and we did it ! Successfully ! After walking multiple blocks at Antigua and trying to see everything, it was time to go back to the hotel for our last dinner as a group while in Guatemala. We went to a very fine restaurant, we even had live music to enjoy with our diner! After dinner was done it was pretty much time to get all the packing together and be ready for Guatemala City in the morning for our flight.

I would like to point out a few things about my experience in Guatemala. I would definitely rate this experience as one of the most valuable experiences, as I got to see life through different set of eyes. I got a chance to see how little people of Guatemala have, yet they aren't as miserable as majority of our people back in the states. These people are very relaxed, easy going, there was barley if any tension present while interacting with them. I just got this feeling like I could actually belong to such culture. Guatemala changed my perspective on life pretty much in sense that I realized what I thought was a huge issue is really not. As my mason Arolodo would always say " esta-bien " no matter how much we messed something up while making our stove , he found a way to fix it.In general I feel like those who need to see life from different perspective or need to make some adjustments in their lives or are searching for a meaning to life, should most certainly participate in one of these mission trips to Guatemala. Guatemala is a developing country, that doesn't have these to die for attractive places and most amazing things one may do, but people are truly beautiful inside and out, and that's what matters at the end of the day. God bless them all ! After this trip I hope to go and visit Guatemala soon again because I feel obligate to do so.

OCC Nursing Student

Fatima Osmanovic 

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