Thursday, January 2, 2014

More from our group from Onondaga Community College!

Another update from our group from Onondaga Community College--this time from traveler Erica Moeller: 

Now I understand Jack Johnson's song lyrics "banana pancakes" because that is what we ate for breakfast this morning. I can't get enough of the coffee down here; I just can't get enough. Don't worry I am buying plenty for home so don't be shy.

After another morning of stuffing our bellies with delicious food, we hopped in the back of the pick-up and headed up to Panimaquip on the side of a mountain to teach oral care to children. There were a lot of them. Seven presentations later, we had a community full of clean teeth and smiling faces. Yes it was a challenge to keep over 100 kids organized, but we are a determined group who works exceptionally well together, especially after living on top of each other for only 3 days.

Another meal; I love these meals. We are so lucky and thankful to have such exceptional hosts, especially when they make caldo de res (a slow cooked stew with beef and vegetables).

Off to San Jose for our first day of building stoves! Very exciting but confusing at the same time. How are we supposed to make intricate measurements and cuts with only a machete and hammer? Service is an amazing thing. Two communities working together under the conditions of a language barrier, you have to experience this to understand.

Finally some down time before dinner, which consisted of more coffee. After washing a hard days work away, we took the 5 minute walk down to the lake and mingled with other travelers over extraordinary salsa and some sort of black bean and cheese dip that nobody could get enough of. Tummies full once again, we gathered in Central Park, right outside our hotel, and watched a 180 degree view of fireworks from a rooftop; amazing. Before our host let us back into the hotel, she lit 5 feet of fire crackers and squealed in delight over our outrageous reaction.

Is the day over yet? Time to wrap this up and recharge for another action packed day in Guatemala mañana.

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