Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Jan 2

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday.  Today I will not be able to post pics because the wifi access at the hotel is down.  I will post them tomorrow at breakfast.  

Yesterday was a great work day at both sites.  And today we finished off the stoves and finished off the building.  Yay!  

The building crew had a true Guatemalan experience when the truck we were riding in (yes, standing in the bed) had an issue with the axel.  We pulled over and lifted the truck for some repairs (a generous term) were completed so it could be driven back to town for more complete repairs.  The mission sent their van to pick us up.  

Last night we spent some time at the lake hearing from the head of the local fisheries association and tonight with a local leader in the pure water project in his home.  There is much more to both of their stories, but it is hard to share in this format.  

One thing we have definitely experienced is that Guatemalans are great story tellers.  We could learn much from their ability to share their story.  

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