Friday, July 24, 2015

Kingswood UMC Day 1- 7/24/15


We made it! After a layover in Houston (not to mention an O'Hare meet-up at 4AM), we arrived at the airport in Guatemala City. It was a rocky landing flying through the mountains, but that didn't stop many of us taking pictures outside our window seats. The team successfully made it through customs and found Candace - the Transformational Journeys director.

Onto the bus we went, and sat, and took more pictures out the windows. We drove through the downtown area for about an hour, and then two more hours through the country roads to our final destination: San Lucas Toliman.

The country roads showed us sugar cane fields, coffee bean farms, and many farm stands with fresh produce such as pineapple and coconut.

The Kingswood team split into two groups at two hotels with a 90 second walking distance between them (as well as a basketball court where many kids were playing in the evening). We were reminded not to touch the stray cats and dogs, however the three turtles on the hotel property are a safe bet.

After some introductions with the TJ staff, we were served home cooked rice, chicken, and salsa on warm tortillas.

During mealtime, Candace encouraged us all to think about the bigger meaning for this mission trip:

  • Why does God want us here?
  • What do we want to get out of this week?

Tomorrow we will be up and ready to work at 7:30 am at our designated work sites.

Checking out for now, as our hotel Wifi and electricity just came back to us after being out temporarily.

Hasta manana!
- Guatemala Mission Team

Our dinner table set prior to being served. 

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