Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014 (Day 4)

7:00 a.m. Prayer & Reflection was followed by breakfast.  Marbila prepared a beautiful tray of local fruits, most of which we’ve never eaten before.  When you have to be told how to eat fruit, you know they’re different.  We were also served scrambled eggs, black beans, fried yucca, rolls, juice and coffee.  Marbila did all this while suffering from a seriously abscessed tooth.  Everyone tried to talk her into going to the dentist (Gary even offered to pay her dentist bill), but she would not do it.  Candace explained there is a belief in Guatemala, if you have a tooth pulled, you must spend four days in bed.  Marbila just would not go; she felt the need to be here for us.

Arrived at our work site by 9:00 and quickly divided into our work groups.  We were overjoyed to find the community members lugged a whole lot of cinder blocks up the hill, to the worksite yesterday (our day of rest).  This saved a ton of heavy work for us!  Worked hard all morning with a brief break for snacks.  Around 1:00, we broke for lunch, which was a repeat of Saturday’s dinner.  Just as good the second time!  We drank a rice drink, which was very lite and refreshing.  Didn’t taste a thing like rice.  Chased it with a banana.   

Kids were once again at the site but not quite as many.  They’re always looking for a photo or treat.  We enjoy accommodating them!  They are such sweet, beautiful children, oozing personality.
Wrapped up about 4:00 today, having made great progress.  Like the Phoenix, the walls are rising! Cannot say enough about how hard everyone works.  I, personally, am very impressed with the variety of work Vickie and Candace can do.  They can hang with the guys for sure.  Then there’s Cindy who is a master block splitter and chiseler---all done with a machete.  Thank heavens we have our men who are doing the extremely heavy work------and when you consider their ages (Gabe not included), it’s even more impressive!  Piled in the truck and stopped for ice cream before heading home.  Did we enjoy this!

Earlier dinner tonight.  Marbila prepared stuffed mini squash filled with a tomato, vegetable and cheese mixture.  Several had seconds; the rest of us wanted to but were too full.  Accompanying the squash were sausage, salsa, and did I say tortillas?

Candace took us to see a local spoon maker cooperative tonight.  These gentlemen hand make beautiful spoons and other kitchen implements.  They carve them out of coffee, ebony and other local woods with a machete and another smaller tool, then coat them with beeswax.  These men started and organization to benefit a local homeless woman they found sleeping in the street.  With their profits, they bought a plot of land and built a house for her and continue to support her.  All of us bought some beautiful pieces.  Candace is all about helping people who help others.  That is why she takes us to these special places.

A quick stop on the way home (by foot tonight) for another ice cream (for a few of us), some lively conversation in our hotel salon and to bed.

Buenas noches!
Carol Malarky
Photos: Gabe Hopkins

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